Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And the Blog Award goes to....

In light of my recent award from Sniz... I thought I'd post my own little award ceremony of sorts. Mine is a little different... This is going out to a couple of bloggers who over the past few months have left me some very encouraging comments and I feel they deserve to be recognized. So here they are:
Lehi (if only she'd give in and tell me what her blog is!!)

Also, I want to say that there were many others who have left encouraging words too but not all of them are fellow bloggers. Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting on my humble little blog! And keep up the comments! I love to hear from you all!

Another thing that made me think to do this "award" post was I had been thinking about The Dundies from The Office. sigh.... I've missed my shows. And I'm soooo glad that new post-strike shows (The Office, Grey's Anatomy, and more!) will be returning soon! NO MORE RERUNS! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I want to know what Lehi's blog is too.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, love the new blog design.

JAN said...

Hey you-
Thank you so much for the award! I really apprciate it.
I also wanted to tell you I love, love, love the new blog design! It is so pretty.
By the way-could you please tell me how to post my award? I have one over at Sniz's that I don't know how to post either.

Sniz said...

Hey, you are a sweetie!!! Thanks so much, Wani. Did you make that yourself? Also, I had no idea the Office was going to be new April 10! I'm so excited. And I don't think Lehi has a blog; only a MySpace. If she does, she hasn't told me. Lehi, you better not be holding out on me! :-) Talk to you soon, Wani!