Friday, February 11, 2005

Our Ultrasound!

Isaac and I got to see our baby for the first time today! We have a couple minutes of video and everything! It is so weird, its seems so much more real now that we've seen it. Its really gonna hit me sometime... and I'm gonna just freak out.
Here are a couple still shots of what our beautiful baby looks like at 16 weeks! The top pix is of the baby's feet together, the middle one is almost a full body shot (the head is on the right, you can see the little profile of its face and you can see the back), and the last one is of its arm and fist. How cute! Omigosh... can you believe I'm gonna be a mom in 5mos?!? Oh, yeah we met w/ our potential doula on Monday. It was really nice to hear what she had to say, have her answer some questions that we had, etc. We feel pretty good about it and will most likely end up having her help us w/ the birth.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

moving along

Ok, this is not our baby.... but it is close to the same age as ours is now and I thought it was neat to see what it kinda looks like about now. This picture is of a 16week baby and we are 15weeks... I have a doctor's appointment on Monday morning and am going to be meeting w/ a doula that evening(hopefully). I've had a cold which has made my morning sickness worse - gag reflex, etc... bummer.... but I think the cold is on its way out of my system. I haven't gained much weight which is a bit of a relief.... I was afraid I'd balloon up right away... but I've still got 5-6mos to go.... don't worry I'll have a massive belly in no time! he he - We're waiting to hear from someone about a free ultrasound. As soon as we get one I'll post pix of our own baby! Yeah!