Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rescue Me

We've all been sick around here the past couple weeks. I feel like a commercial: the coughing, sneezing, congested, fever, wish I could get out of bed kind. And you know what that means. The house has lost all sense of order. Toys, junkmail and piles of Kleenex have taken over my living room. And during those short periods of time when I am both feeling able and motivated I am at a loss as to what the best way to regain control of our home is. Any suggestions? ;-)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family Pix

After having to reschedule a couple of times because of weather we were finally able to have a photo shoot for our family pictures! I'm so thankful that my friend Emily was willing to do our pictures for us. We went to a local park on this beautiful fall day and got some great shots of our family. I've already ordered our prints to be hung because I've had these new frames on the wall with no photos in them awaiting this photo shoot to happen! Finally we will be able to fill those frames! ;-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Big Man

Just this past week our little Joe has finally figured out how to transition from his belly to a sitting position. This is a huge milestone for him and we are so excited to see him doing like a pro now!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


We are almost 12 weeks along now. We just had our first prenatal visit with our midwife. We did the usual, paperwork, weighing in, blood pressure, etc. And we got to listen to the baby's heartbeat! I always love hearing the heartbeat for the first time! It is always so exciting!
Nate has been adorable. He is constantly asking questions about the baby. "How big is the baby?" "Can the baby hear me yet?" "Will the baby like it if I do this or that?" I asked Nate what we should name the baby and he said if its a girl it should be Velma (though now he's changed it to Daphne) and if its a boy it should be Shaggy. Can you tell he's into Scooby Doo right now? ;-)