Tuesday, February 01, 2005

moving along

Ok, this is not our baby.... but it is close to the same age as ours is now and I thought it was neat to see what it kinda looks like about now. This picture is of a 16week baby and we are 15weeks... I have a doctor's appointment on Monday morning and am going to be meeting w/ a doula that evening(hopefully). I've had a cold which has made my morning sickness worse - gag reflex, etc... bummer.... but I think the cold is on its way out of my system. I haven't gained much weight which is a bit of a relief.... I was afraid I'd balloon up right away... but I've still got 5-6mos to go.... don't worry I'll have a massive belly in no time! he he - We're waiting to hear from someone about a free ultrasound. As soon as we get one I'll post pix of our own baby! Yeah!

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