Tuesday, June 27, 2006


We are all doing well here. Though we did have a scare a couple weekends ago. Nate was feverish but I wasn't concerned because he was teething and he had run a temp for a couple of days the last time he teethed. But the fever led to Nate having a febrile seisure. At the time it was freakin scary. But we've done some research and read up about it and its fairly common and benign and there wasn't really anything we could have done to prevent it. Rough weekend to say the least. But Nate is more than back to normal now. Ultimately I think we were traumatized more than Nate was. Anyway, this is a recent pix of Nate showing off his new top teeth.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cute Cousins

Nate and Jeremiah enjoy taking walks around the neighborhood. They're so cute together. Nate is cruising around with his walker-toy but still won't venture out on his own yet. He really enjoys reading books alot. And this has to be a record or something, he whistles! It is so cute! He's cutting a couple of top teeth. Less than a month until he's a year old! Its hard to believe its been that long already. We love seeing him grow and change. Its been such a special experience.
I did pictures at a friend's wedding a few weeks ago, and have had a few other gigs lately too. Things aren't too busy but doing pretty good.
We're looking forward to a nice weekend at the lake. My girlfriends from college are hooking up with us there. Yeah! I miss my girls!