Wednesday, September 30, 2009

30 by 30 update

Today is the 30th and its been awhile since I've posted about my list of
30 things I want to do before I turn 30 so I thought I'd do a little update. Here are the goals that I've been able to check off of my list lately:

1. Take a "real" vacation with my husband! Not just to the family lakehouse (though it is nice, It is not the same as really getting away together - ALONE!). ;-) - Isaac and I went to Wisconsin together in July. While I would certainly like to do more trips together (longer ones), I definitely count this one as a "real" vacation. Blogged about HERE.

2. I want to go to one (and only one) of the following: Colts game, Pacers game OR the
Indy 500.... Those are huge Indianapolis things to do and I've lived here my whole life and not done any of them! * Changed to sporting event with hubby. So that includes the Cubbies. - so I ammended this one a little from the original form but its my list and I can do what I want, right? Anyway - Isaac and I went to a Cubs - Reds game in Cincy in August. It was great! Blogged about HERE.

5. Go on a scrapbooking retreat with a group of my
Scrappin' Sisters! - This one totally happened! And it was a good time! Right girls?!? Blogged about HERE.

11. I know this sounds lame but... I want to own a minivan. It is hard having two kids in car seats in a small sedan! It'd be nice to have my siblings be able to ride with us instead of having to drive separate cars! - We were blessed to be able to buy a used minivan from some friends at church for much less than we had anticipated paying for a van. We are lovin' it! Blogged about HERE.

18. Begin home-schooling my boys. I was home-schooled and while I think there are many advantages to doing it… I’m a little intimidated. I want to get organized enough to do it well. - I finally chose a pre-school curriculum and began using Heart of Dakota with Nate this week. So far so good!

19. Decide if we are going to have more kids. When we got married I wanted four kids and Isaac wanted two. Well… after having one via unexpected c-section, and one vbac at home…one who tries my patience daily and the other who pulls at my heartstrings constantly… I’m not sure if I can handle any more kids. - Well, whether I can handle it or not... God made the decision for us and baby #3 is on the way! We are due around the beginning of May. While this wasn't exactly "planned", we are very excited and hopeful about this new addition to our family. Pictured is a baby at around 9-10wks - which is about how far along we are. What a miracle!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

And the winner is...

Well... I know I'm a little late in posting this but it took awhile to get all the entries and then I was hoping that we would all be together for me to announce the winner but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards. My "rules" for the challenge where these:
- Two page layout - the sketch and sample are from the August PageMaps and pictured below
- must include four or more pictures - and get this... YOU must be in one or more of the photos
- must include at least three different patterned paper, and at least two solids
- must include at least one paper piecing (here is a link to some piecing ideas at Scrapbooks Etc
* bonus points for using something(s) that are not actually intended for scrapbooking

I think my "rules" scared a few people away from the challenge. But I did get great entries from Sniz and Toni and Lehi. Out of all of them though, it was Lehi's that blew me away. I just adore her interpretation of the rules and layout using pictures from her wedding. This was the first scrapbook page she has done of her wedding!

She did a great job and deserves the prize! I'll be giving her something special soon! Course who knows when she'll use is since baby #3 will be here anytime! Thanks for participating!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Diagnosis - disappointment

After almost a year and a half of doctor's appointments and blood tests they finally found something. Joe has been diagnosed with "a mosaic deletion of the 13th chromosome". It is a rare mutation on his DNA where part of the 13th chromosome is missing on some of his cells. This particular chromosomal abnormality puts him at risk for retinoblastoma (tumors in the eye). He will need his eyes checked regularly for the first 10-15years of his life. The risk for these tumors lessens as he gets older. We found this out over the phone a few weeks ago and were under the impression that this diagnosis was "it" - the answer that we had been looking for all this time. In the event of a tumor studies show that survival rates are very high when caught early. If you want more info on Joe's diagnosis please check out this link.
However when we went to our appointment at Riley with the genetic counselor she explained that this diagnosis does not actually explain Joe's dramatic delays. Because there is no family history of anything like this we believe Joe's to be a random occurrence and not something that one of us has passed on to him, therefore we have chosen not to get tested ourselves at this point. One more blood test is being done checking for Angelman's Syndrome. But after much discussion we think we are nearing the end of our search. If we wanted to continue it would be muscle biopsies and other more invasive procedures that we would be considering. All for what? At this point no matter what name is given to Joe's problems the course of treatment will most likely stay the same: more therapy. We do not feel that there would be much benefit to Joe if we continued pursuing a diagnosis.
This has been a roller coaster of a ride. There is so much uncertainty surrounding Joe's future. He has brought us so many joys and challenges already. We have no idea what to expect him to grow up to do or achieve. We don't know if he'll ever "catch up", or if I'll be changing his diapers for the rest of his life. There is such a broad spectrum of possibilities.
Joe is continuing to work hard during his therapy and making progress. He is showing more of an opinion about things which is a good thing (though I have to remind myself that when he's throwing a tantrum). Its becoming increasingly difficult communicating with Joe as he is still mostly non-verbal (though he does use a couple signs). Through all this we still remain hopeful that he will continue to progress. And whatever happens we know God will provide for Joe and for us. As always we covet your prayers concerning our special little guy.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Big DIfferences

This is a pix of me and my two boys at the zoo in the spring of 2007. Nate was almost 2yrs old and Joe was only a few weeks old. They are both so little and cute! It is hard to believe that the memories are fading of that stage. Time marches on and I remember less and less.

And this... is a pix of me and my boys at the zoo last week. Nate is 4yrs and Joe is 2 and a half. Wow... can you believe the changes? My precious boys have gotten so big! Still cute but neither of them look like babies anymore! They are both turning into little men!