Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I did this quiz online to find out which Star Wars character I am here are the results:

I am Padme. You're considered very attractive by many, but don't allow it to go to your head. On the contrary, you're very humble, and though you sometimes dress to accent your beauty, you think little of materialistic possessions and value the humanity in people. Your intelligence propels you in the world. Your tolerance and patience are virtues and you stick by your loved ones no matter what.

Class of 2005

We had a bunch of graduation open houses this last weekend. Lots of good food and friends.

Congrats to Hannah, Nichole, Anna, Kearstin, Zach, Eric and my sister Lauren and the rest of the class of 2005!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Child Birth Classes

We just completed our last childbirth class at the hospital last night. We covered alot of ground over four weeks, the birth process, options for pain management, prenatal and postpardom care, etc. I wasn't sure how open they would be to some of the things that we want to happen: I want to hold the baby right away, Isaac to cut the cord, natural(unmedicated) birth, etc. The woman leading the class seemed very open and touched on alot of different topics that helped to put my mind at ease. She emphasised the importance of the mother and father bonding with the baby right away. We talked to her one on one briefly at the end of class and told her we were having a doula present for our birth and she was very supportive of that - she says doulas are a great help both to the laboring mother but also to the staff. We have alot left to do to get prepared - we'll be meeting w/ Julie (our doula) throughout June and July - but we feel pretty good about the hospital and staff now that we've seen the facility and gotten a better idea of how things work there. Alot to think about! We're both getting anxious to see the baby - we feel so close to this little one already... its just not enough to feel it kick and talk to it through my belly... we want to hold and kiss it! I'm sure it'll be here before we know it!

These are pix of Isaac and I when we were babies... if you look closely you'll see they even have the same backdrop! Isn't that cute?!?

Monday, May 16, 2005

30 Week Checkup

Praise the Lord! My sugars are normal! Yeah! I'm still gonna watch what I eat but I am well below the danger zone now. I'm starting to feel weighed down... and looking it too. At 30 weeks along we could have a baby here in as soon as two months (8weeks)! But ya never know, this kid could decide to be late, we'll have to wait and see. Isaac and I are both cracking down on reading books on childbirth and whatnot. At times all this information can be a bit overwhelming. But I really think I'll have a good support system, between Isaac and our doula. It'll be hard but well worth it when we get to hold our beautiful baby in our arms!

We got to enjoy a nice weekend at the lake. The weather was nice enough for us to have a picnic on the boat Friday afternoon but was chilly and rainy the rest of the weekend, so we just relaxed and beat Mom and Dad in cards... alot. Its nice to be able to get away from everything for awhile and just chill. We got back into town just in time for our doctor's appointment today, we couldn't bring ourselves to leave yesterday.

Monday, May 09, 2005

More Senior Pix

Feeling the baby move alot! This little guy/girl is getting pretty strong, its getting to where I can actually see some of the kicks. Its so amazing, I can't get over the fact that a person is growing inside of me! We've started our childbirth classes. But we've been reading up on the subject for awhile now so there hasn't been alot of info that we hadn't already heard, but its still good to become more familiar w/ the terms and whatnot. I keep reminding myself that we are approaching a huge milestone in our lives... we, our life, its all going to change forever. Wow. The things we do for the ones we love, even ones we haven't met yet!

This past weekend I had a photo shoot with Trisha, my cousin's girlfriend. We took her senior pictures. It was a beautiful day, a little too sunny at times, but we beat the rain that came later in the afternoon so I can't complain. The pix turned out great! It was nice to spend a little time getting to know her better too. She is going into Special Education which is really cool. Here are a few samples of her pic.

Monday, May 02, 2005

28 weeks down - 12 to go!

I had my 28 week checkup today. Another thumbs up from my CNM. All is well, I'm on track with everything. At this stage the baby should be somewhere around 15 inches long and 3 pounds. I feel movement often now and its getting stronger by the day. Isaac is able to feel now, its been really special being able to share it together. We're both getting pretty excited. Its weird how we already feel so much love for this little person we've never seen or met, but the love is there, there is no doubt about that. We can't wait to be able to hold and hug and kiss and just look at this new life thats growing inside of me.
Side Note:
For anyone who knows my sister Shannon.... she and her longtime boyfriend Eric are officially engaged! He proposed (with a ring and everything) on May 1st and they are planning on getting married on August 27th. Yeah!