Monday, October 10, 2005

3 months old!

This past Saturday was Nate's 3mos b-day! He's grown and changed so much in such a short time! We've been so incredibly blessed by him already. Its hard to imagine our life without him.
Isaac and I went on a date without him for the first time a week or two ago. We put him to bed and left him with my sister, Lauren, while we went to a late movie. Of course we would go to "Flight Plan" - a movie about a woman who's child goes missing! It was a good movie, but nerve wracking! We were very happy to come home and see Nate safe and sound in his bed!

Also, Saturday was my friend Mia Bley's baby shower. Here, Mia is pictured with Sarah Patterson another girl from church who are both due in the next month or so. It was nice to get together and show our love and support to her. Our church has a baby shower game thats become a tradition now, where we video tape the father-to-be a series of questions before the shoer, then at the shower we ask the mother-to-be the same questions. After hearing the mom-to-be's answer to the question, the guests have to guess if dad's answer will be the same or different. Then we show the dad's response. Mia's husband Eric is an interesting guy and had some pretty comical answers. Its a fun game and helps you get to know the couple a little better which is cool.

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