Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chicago Trip

Here are me and the girls (my sis Lauren, and my gal pals: Julie, Jess and Cindy) getting ready to ride the "L" in Chicago this past weekend. We all went to Chi-town to visit Cindy. We had a great time visiting and seeing the city. It was a beautiful day and we went to the Sky Deck at the top of the Sears tower, had a great view of downtown, then we went to the Art Institute. And we of course had to have some Chicago style pizza and chilidogs. Mmmm good!

Here is Nate being the life of the party at dinner Saturday night. We went to this Ethiopian restaurante near Cindy's house. Pix below shows the selection of food we had at our table. We got several meat entrees (when they say its spicy, they mean it!) and a couple side dishes (vegetable dishes and cheese) - all was served on this spongey bread. No silverware, we just used the bread to pick up and eat the food. It was cool. Not everyone was as into it as Cindy but we all enjoyed the experience.

Thanks to Cindy and her sister and their roomate for their hospiatality and for fixing me up when I sprained my ankle right before we left.

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