Friday, December 09, 2005

5 months old!

Nate had his first real attempt at eating on his 5mo birthday. I've given him little bits of bread and other small soft foods a few other times but this time I mashed up some banana with some breast milk and gave it a shot. Nate did alright... I think he got more on his hands than he did in his mouth... but all in all it was pretty good. We didn't make too big a mess, all things considered. His bib says IRS Deduction! Ha!

Indy had a huge snow storm last night. We got between 7-8 inches of snow in this area! Thats more than we usually get the whole month of December! Crazy!

Isaac and I would appreciate prayer as we continue together thru "The Lord's Table". It's an online course learning to create better view of food and eating habits, while learning to focus on Christ and turning to Him instead of food for comfort, etc. We're both seeing results physically and spiritually (after a week and a half) but have a long way to go before we've gotten past our old habits. If you are interested in the course its available (along w/ courses on other topics) at: .

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