Tuesday, February 21, 2006

my 26th birthday

Sunday was my 26th birthday. I had a hard time getting into the "birthday spirit"... maybe I'm lame but it seems that birthdays just aren't as cool anymore. When you're a kid b-days are awesome, you look forward to it all year long! Party, cake, presents... whats not to like!?! Then you have your 18th & 21st birthdays which are kinda cool milestones, you get to vote and drink. After 21 there aren't any more cool ages, every other milestone age is one where people wear black to your party and talk about the Grim Reaper... whats fun about that? Anyway, despite my lack of enthusiasm about my birthday we enjoyed great food and fellowship with friends and family and it was a great day. Nate tried out his handy dandy portable booster seat when we had dinner at my parents' place. He looks so big sitting there by himself. And pretty cute too!

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