Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cute Cousins

Nate and Jeremiah enjoy taking walks around the neighborhood. They're so cute together. Nate is cruising around with his walker-toy but still won't venture out on his own yet. He really enjoys reading books alot. And this has to be a record or something, he whistles! It is so cute! He's cutting a couple of top teeth. Less than a month until he's a year old! Its hard to believe its been that long already. We love seeing him grow and change. Its been such a special experience.
I did pictures at a friend's wedding a few weeks ago, and have had a few other gigs lately too. Things aren't too busy but doing pretty good.
We're looking forward to a nice weekend at the lake. My girlfriends from college are hooking up with us there. Yeah! I miss my girls!

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