Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rolling Over!

Josiah has rolled over a few times in bed this week. I only got to watch him do it once though. He did it around the same age that Nate did – 4 ½ mos. He sleeps on his tummy so he rolled from front to back. We’re still working on back to front. He’s very chatty when he’s happy. Isaac and I take turns sitting in the foyer at church with him because he gets so loud sometimes.

Nate has gone in the potty off and on this week. One day he went three times! We’re offering incentive of stickers if he pees and a cookie if he poops in the potty – so far all we’ve actually gotten to do it the stickers… no cookies rewarded yet. He’s funny. When he is going somewhere, even just to bed or something he says good-bye to everything. He says “bye bye books”, “bye bye Signing Time” (when the video ends), etc. It is pretty cute.

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