Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So Nate turned five this summer and is in kindergarten this year. I worked with him on some preschool stuff last year but was not very consistent. I blame it on being pregnant and then having a newborn... but if I was honest I'd have to admit that part of it was laziness. And Nate is (and I say this unbiasedly) very smart for his age so it is not like he is behind and I should be helping catch up or anything.
Anyway... I'm wanting to get down to business this year, no more slacker mom for me. So when I got the opportunity to try a trial membership to Time4Learning.com I was interested right away. So we have had a couple of weeks to try it out and have been able to get a feel for it.
Nate has taken to it really well. He still has days when he resists doing something labeled "learning" but overall he seems to enjoy the lessons and activities. When he is logged in he chooses from the subjects ( Language Arts, Learning Activity Extensions, Math and Science) and within those there are sub categories to choose from and then the lessons and activities are available for him to do. There are quizzes for him to do following the lessons on each topic to test him. He has done really well. Nate seems to have an amazing memory, I'm hoping that continues!
I like that the parent/teacher can login and check progress and print reports, etc. so that even though I'm not sitting with him watching the whole time I can see how well he is doing on the lessons and quizzes. I do not really want my five year old to be doing all of his school online though. The membership fee is around $20 per month. I would probably be more interested if it were cheaper or if they offered different levels of memberships, ei. if we could subscribe to only certain subjects.
As with any program or curriculum there are pros and cons. There is alot to like about Time4Learning. But I just don't think its right for us right now. Maybe in the future. We'll have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a Time4Learning fan (and working for Time4Learning) so I was interested to read your review.

Nate sound remarkable and typical. Are you aiming towards an interest-driven homeschool program (ie unschooling) or do you have something else in mind.

A lot of homeschoolers use Time4Learning for awhile, stop, and come back.

$20 is a great price (I think) so long as you are using it. Of course, $20 is a lot if you are not.

Anonymous said...

We are also a T4L home-schooling family :)
I know you had mentioned if it were cheaper you might be more willing to use this program & I can totally understand that.This is why we buy months in bulk to save!If you buy at least 3 months in advance ,They will give you like a $5 dollar a month discount $-)
I hope this might help ....BTW Love your Blog layout
Keri ;)