Wednesday, September 15, 2010

T-Shirt Re-Fashion!

My girlfriend Lehi and I have been link happy on facebook lately posting crafty sites to eachother often and we finally got together to actually DO one of those creative projects! We had been looking at a couple of t-shirt refashions in particular that had caught our eye.

Some girls had posted about their group of friends getting together and doing the craft together and we thought they had the right idea! So after our kiddos were in bed we got to business following the instructions on this blog (similar tutorial on this one too). We started with 2 plain Ts (pictured above - this is my overly dramatic "before" look ;-), one for wearing and the other for cutting up to make the embellishment. We both got our shirts at Target for $2-3 dollars each.
We cut out dozens of little "flower-ettes", then sewed and scrunched them before tediously attaching them to the shirt.

It took awhile to find the desired shape but I think I'm finally content with how it looks. Though I hope it looks better with jeans than w/ my pj pants! ;-)

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