Saturday, May 03, 2014

Little Mermaid 4th Birthday Party

As usual Pinterest was my go-to place to get party ideas. I kept pinning and pinning... way more ideas than I could ever actually do.  And I was kind of feeling partied out so I wasn't very motivated to do a whole lot.  Thanks to my friend Lehi for loaning me a bunch of beachy/luau stuff that kind of went with our Little Mermaid theme. 

 We did a surf board craft and had the kids "go fishing". They loved it!
  Thanks to Jess for doing all the printables! Not pictured are coloring pages and paper dolls that were in the family goodie bags - which were sand buckets with fun treats in them.
 Cut out sandwiches for the kids...
 Chicken Salad Crabs from Lehi! So good!
 Clam shell cookies...
and who needs cake when you can have Jello?  ;-)
Our birthday girl was sweet and smiling the whole time!  
She enjoyed every minute of her Little Mermaid party!


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