Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Quick DIY Art - Bunting Frame

I have been wanting to create some simple artwork to replace the photo collage I have had hanging for awhile. I scoured Pinterest for ideas and was immediately drawn to this bunting frame. (click photo for pin)

 Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray Bedroom  The bedding would look good in the guest room.:

 And then I saw this one and loved the combination of burlap and fabric hearts! (click photo for pin)
 Heartful Burlap Bunting - this would be easy to make with stars (instead of hearts) cut out of Christmas fabric.:
I rounded up some fabric scraps in my sewing stash and broke out my hot glue gun. It was seriously one of the fastest projects I have done. So simple!

I can't wait to see it up on the newly painted walls!!

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