Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Goodbye Clown Around Party Rentals

My parents are selling their business! For the past 10years they have been doing pony rides and moonwalk rentals for birthday parties and company picnics, etc. I loved it growing up (most of the time). I'm so sad that my kids won't have cool parties now. :-( But the business has been rough on my parents and I know it'll be good for them to have some time off. Hannah and Kyle will not know what to do with themselves. We've had the business as long as they both can remember. Anyway.... it'll be interesting to see what happens now! God has plans in store we don't even know about yet, I'm sure!

This is my Pop (Jeff) and brother Kyle posing for a pony ride picture. They're good looking men aren't they? Maybe I'm a little bias, oh well.

This is LuluBelle, she is a sample of some of the moonwalks that they rent out. She is one of the cooler ones. They were so much fun! I'm gonna miss having easy access to all this cool stuff.

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