Wednesday, August 04, 2004

week 2

My friend Jess' car is being stupid. Its broken down on her twice in four days! Yuck! I wish cars didn't have problems. But then all the mechanics would be out of jobs... dang. Oh, well... random thoughts from Wani.
On a lighter note... my husband and I are going to the lake this weekend. I'm looking forward to it. In a few weeks we are taking our Care Group there, and in September the youth group is going. We like to share my inlaws' lakehouse as much as they will let us! Its so nice there. One of these days we'll get some pix up here.
I went to a baby shower the other day. It was so cute! And there were like four babies there... it just feeds my need to have a baby of my own. I can't wait! Ah! But God will let me know when its my turn, I'm sure. I just wish I knew when that was gonna be!

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Kevin said...

hey, i need your password to the wanisworld thing, so i can then stransfer it to the other page on my website. Don't post the password on the blog. email it to me. or AIM it to me. Either way i get it.

In due time it will occur. You'll have your turn of back pains, and morning sickness, and weird cravings of eating eggs on brick. ya thats right i said brick. haha. Baby's can be fun, and i'm sure you'll be a great mother. Just remember to give your youngest a little room. Its tough always being the baby. haha.