Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I'm about 19weeks along now, which is about halfway through the pregnancy(give or take). I had my 18week check-up last week. My sugar levels were borderline when they tested my glucose awhile back, and diabetes runs in my family... so I'm off of sugar for the rest of the pregnancy. I've done really well so far. But its only been a week. Give me a awhile and I'll be begging for a milkshake or something, anything!
I haven't felt any definate movement inside yet but am trying to be patient, its not uncommon for first time moms to take awhile before they recognize movement.
I'm hoping to take a road trip to Florida with my sister Lauren for her senior spring break. Isaac is really nervous about me being gone for 4-5 days... but this is the last time I'll be able to do something like this for awhile and I don't want to pass it up. I'm not as fragile as he thinks I am... and my nurse said it'd be fine. It'll be fun!

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