Monday, June 27, 2005

home stretch

I had a doctor's appt today. We met the CNM who will potentially be assisting in our delivery. She was very nice (young - not much older than us) and didn't object to anything on our birth plan, in fact she was very supportive of our wishes. She seems like a "hands off" type, which is what we want - given everything is going well.
My blood pressure is a little on the high side. Our CNM doesn't really want us going to the lake this weekend. We're torn, we're waiting to see where we feel led. Jeremy, Cindy and the girls are supposed to be going up there with us. I really want to go but would really hate to be stuck having the baby up there instead of here with my support team and all. Dangit. Wish I hadn't asked and we'd have just gone up in ignorance. Oh, well.... we'll see.
This is my last week at work. I'm ready to have a little break. Plus the CNM wants me to be off my feet as much as possible, and staying in out of the heat.
I has the baby showers over the last two weekends. It was so great to have so many ladies show up to support me. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful, godly women in my life that I can look to for guidance and encouragement as I start this new task of being a mother! And the gifts were great too!
We'll keep you posted if anything new comes up.

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