Saturday, July 02, 2005

Is it time yet?

Here is a pix of me, my aunt Kath and cousin Janet - both of which have already had their babies... dang them... jk

I'm so anxious to have this baby. I can't wait a whole month longer! I've people saying they think I'm gonna go early, I'm gonna have twins, I'm gonna go late... I just want to be done! Our doula is on vacation until the 9th... and the CNM we're hoping to have at the delivery is leaving to get married on the 16th... so I'm hoping to go in that window of time somewhere. As if I can choose when this baby comes. There are things that can be tried to help things along... we're waiting a bit longer before trying anything... but give me another week and I'll be willing to try a thing or two. Please keep us in your prayers. Even with all the preperation we've done for this I am nervous about the birth. I'm sure He's got it under control but extra prayers never hurt anything!

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