Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The three of us went on a retreat with several other couples from church this weekend. I really appreciated not being the only nursing mother to bring along her baby. It was a really good time of fellowship and reflection on where our church body has been and is going. We have a great group of people.
Update on The Lord's Table. Both Isaac and I have been seeing results. Its really helped me to be doing this together, we both really enjoy and appreciate being able to talk together about the day's lesson and what we've been learning. I'm a good 25lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight (50+ under the weight I was just before Nate was born), and have gotten into a size jean that I haven't been in for years. I'm hoping by my birthday to feel ready to go shopping for new clothes. Already alot of my clothes are too big but I'm not ready for a new wardrobe yet, I've still got alot of weight yet to lose. The Lord has blessed us through The Lord's Table and we hope to have continued success losing the weight and gaining Christ in our lives.

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