Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Six Months Old!

Nate had his 6mos checkup yesterday. All is well... Dr. Bain (a nice guy, but a little goofy for a doctor) says that Nate is a perfect baby. He was such a little trooper for his shots... the first one he didn't even cry... then the next two were too much for him. He's been sitting on his own pretty well lately. And he's getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. Tonite is a big night... Nate is getting his first real haircut. I gave him a little trim at 4mos but it wasn't very good so we are getting professional help this time. So, once he gets his hair cut I'll hopefully being doing his 6mos pix soon.
Isaac and I have both lost 15lbs since we started The Lord's Table course. Its been a real help that we're going through it together. Satan has been trying to put up road blocks and it'd be alot harder if we weren't supporting eachother right now. I've had my eyes opened to some changes I need to make... but actually making those changes isn't easy so please pray for me.

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