Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Growing Boys

Its been two weeks since Nate got his cast off. He didn’t like the saw they used to cut the cast but other than that he was really good for the whole thing. While he had the cast he had gone from using his left hand for most things to using his right hand but he’s slowing transitioning back to being left hand dominant. He hasn’t sucked his thumb since he got the cast and we were afraid that he might go back after the cast came off but so far we haven’t noticed any “relapses”. We’re relieved that we didn’t have to wean him of the habit on our own. Nate has been talking soo much! He's putting together sentences and communicating so well.... most of the time. He calls Lauren "baby cakes" and is repeating everything (not always a good thing!). Everything thats little is "baby" and everything that is big is "daddy". So if he eats a tiny grape he says its a "baby grape" or he is playing with his cars and the big one is the "daddy car". Its so funny.... I'm glad all the "big" things aren't "mommy" if you know what I mean! ;) Nate's been very challenging lately. Sometimes I think its an attention thing, sometimes I think its an age thing, sometimes I think its all a test and I'm not sure if I'm doing well or just barely passing.
Josiah is so strong (and sometimes a little lazy). He isn't doing quite as much as Nate was at this age but I'm trying really hard not to compare. He is getting close to sitting. He can roll over from back to belly and sometimes belly to back but still struggles with that one a little. He loves to try to stand though. He can be really quiet sometimes and others he babbles up a storm. What a joy he is!


JAN said...

I remember when Benjamin and James were little like that....it's so amazing to watch them learn and grow. Motherhood is a sweet gift!

Sniz said...
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Sniz said...

Loved your comment about being glad he doesn't call big things "Mommy"!