Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Quiz

What The Holidays Mean to You

For you, the holidays are about emotional connections and bonds. You are happiest being around those you love.

You celebrate the holidays in a minimalist style. You are likely to only give one great present and decorate your house with a few special items.

During the holidays, you feel magical. You love all of the decorations and how happy people are. You like to sit back and take it all in.

You think the holidays should be nostalgic and sweet. The holidays bring out your inner child.

Your best holiday memories are of childhood foods and traditions. You secretly still wish you believed in Santa Claus.

What Do the Holidays Mean to You?

This is pretty right on - except for the bit about Santa Claus.... my parents never did the "santa" thing and we aren't doing it with our boys either. Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior... while we participate in exchanging gifts with loved ones and other typical holiday traditions Santa is not a part of it for us.

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