Sunday, February 08, 2009

Scrappin' Challenge

This week Sunday Scrappin' challenged us to do a get well OR health related card/page/etc. Well I've done get well stuff before but this layout is one that I'm especially proud of because I was resourceful (if I do say so myself!) and cut up the brochure to use for the page! I think it turned out pretty nice. Its of the process of Joe getting his orthotics. Nate helped pick out the design/colors. Alison (our PT) came with us to help us through the process. She's been with us since we started First Steps almost a year ago, she's great!


Lacy said...

I read alot on your blog about your son joe...i'll be praying for him!!

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Anonymous said...

Lawana, your Orthotics page is awesome. I think it is one of the best you have ever done and I'll tell you why--it makes the idea of Joe's shoes very optimistic! The colors, the little mini pic of what the shoe looks like. It's as if you are documenting any other natural childhood 'first'. I think that is very important, you know? The bottom right picture is too precious, I got choked up. :o)

Awesome job, my friend. This page shows me answered prayer in so many way!!!



Storm said...

GREAT layout.

Amy said...

Great pages! My son underwent a year of PT, OT, and ST, and I have no pictures to show for it. I was hesitant because he was in a group setting and I wasn't sure the other families would want photos. Now I really wish I'd have taken them!

I finally got my SS post up today~ better late than never, I guess! ;)

Melanie said...

This page is fantastic Wani, I love how you used the phamplet on the page.

Scrapbooking is not just about the happy smiling faces, its the story behind the happy smiling faces. Well done.

I hope you have a good week ahead

forgetfulone said...

Sorry I'm just now getting to this post. The layout is great! I absolutely love it.