Thursday, August 06, 2009

Knock on Wood

So... after what feels like the longest potty training ever I think Nate has finally got it. We finally got serious and broke down and had him wear underwear even though he wasn't showing much of an effort. We had a week or two of having to clean up accidents on a daily basis. Which was exhausting and annoying and gross. Seriously, cleaning poop out of underwear is way worse than just changing a diaper.
Then about two weeks ago something must have finally clicked. Nate was playing and all of a sudden he said "my poop is ready to come out" and he went to the bathroom and that was it! He's been doing it ever since! We have not had any accidents during the day. We're still putting him in pullups for bed and I'm cool with that.
We took him to Chuck-E-Cheese as a reward for staying clean and dry and going in the potty. Throughout the evening we kept reminding Nate why we got to go there. Later we asked him why we went to Chuck-E-Cheese and he replied "POOP!". It was pretty funny!
I'm so thankful to only be changing (and buying) diapers for one kid now. And Nate feels like he is a real big boy now. Its a win-win! Hallelujah!!

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