Monday, September 07, 2009

Big DIfferences

This is a pix of me and my two boys at the zoo in the spring of 2007. Nate was almost 2yrs old and Joe was only a few weeks old. They are both so little and cute! It is hard to believe that the memories are fading of that stage. Time marches on and I remember less and less.

And this... is a pix of me and my boys at the zoo last week. Nate is 4yrs and Joe is 2 and a half. Wow... can you believe the changes? My precious boys have gotten so big! Still cute but neither of them look like babies anymore! They are both turning into little men!


forgetfulone said...

They sure do change fast! They are both adorable, still.

Smiler Family said...

You know that cheesy line from Jerry McGuire - "You had me at hello"? Well You had me from the second I read the C.S. Lewis Quote - that is exactly why I blog - Building a world of common beliefs and experiences with a bundle of laughs on the way - YES we really are not the only one! - I am posting a link to you on my page as soon as I finish this comment - look forward to visiting again!