Sunday, October 17, 2010

Parent Teacher Conference

Last week was "parent-teacher conference" week at Joe's school. It was our first one. I am not good with this kind of thing. I always had a hard time after Joe's First Steps reviews too.
Joe's developmental preschool teacher met with Isaac and I to discuss Joe's progress and what things they are working on, etc. She said that he has been alot more vocal, has been more mobile (doing his "bunny hop"), and is very social. She also said that they have not seen progress with the gait trainer (walker) since this school year has begun. He had been making good strides in this area in the spring but seems to have regressed over the summer. So now they are going back and forth between the walker and a stander. She said that they have not been able to get him to use signs with them and they want to focus on using Picture Aided Communication.
This update has been a little discouraging for me. He signs alot with us at home, though mostly at mealtimes. Part of me feels like switching to P.A.C. would be making all the work we've done trying to teach him signing a total waste of time. And the setback in the walker is just frustrating.
Patience is eluding me. Its hard to notice the strides Joe is making when I am so constantly reminded of all the things that he "should" be doing but cannot.

On a side note - he took a tumble while visiting family this weekend and has three staples in the back of his head. He's a trooper though and hardly seems effected by it at all. I think it bothers me more than it does him. ;-)

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