Friday, January 11, 2013

Little Red Wagon Giveaway

I've been given the opportunity to host a dvd giveaway featuring  Little Red Wagon.  Its the true story of a young boy who sets out to change the world.  With nothing more than a blazing spirit of philanthropy and his beat-up red wagon, Zach sets out to help homeless children in America. In the process, he sweeps his fractured family - and ultimately the entire country - along with him.

I've had the dvd sitting on top of my tv for weeks... we kind of kept forgetting its there.  But when I sat down to write this post I actually watched the trailer for the first time.  It truly brought tears to my eyes.

 And then I watched the movie with my son.  Opened the flood gates!  I don't know what the deal was, I'm not usually this effected by movies...  ok, sometimes I am.  Anyway, it was a great conversation starter for my son and I.  He asked questions about homelessness and a couple of "what ifs" that led to some really good discussion. 

This film is an inspirational story for the whole family.  What a great way to start off the new year.  Maybe it will motivate us to make big changes in the year to come.

Giveaway info:  one lucky winner will receive a dvd of Little Red Wagon.  Winner will be chosen at random on January 19th.  Good luck!

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Julie R said...

Leaving a post for the contest thing I plan to do for my community this raise money for adoptions. :o)

My Thoughts Exactly said...

Help begin a fitness class/running group for moms in our community building.