Friday, January 25, 2013

Ugly Truth

While this is hardly a booming blog... I do find through comments made in person that I have more readers than I would think.  And I know from being an avid blog reader myself that it can be easy to see the pretty pictures and think that a person's house/family/life must be just as pretty and perfect as said pictures... well, its just not true.

I appreciated the post on The Unlikely Homeschool on this topic.  Jamie came clean and reminded her readers that she isn't perfect and what we read on her blog (as well as most others) is just what the blogger wants you to see.  How many blogs show the dirty dishes in their sink, piles of laundry or the ring around their tub?  Not many.

But honestly, we need to show that more.  Our readers... heck, our friends need to know that we are a mess.  That we don't always have it all together.  That our seemingly well-behaved kids are occasionally little dare-devils who disobey and throw tantrums.  Sometimes we are too busy to remember to shower or get to the end of the day are so tired that we would rather leave a sink full of dishes and just veg out on the couch with our husband in the evening...

Here is a pix that I posted on facebook awhile back.  Cute Christmas crafting... right?   But if you look behind the kids you can see my cluttered kitchen counter.  And beneath the table that the kids are sitting at...
This is not an uncommon sight at our house.  Joe and Christine are terribly messy eaters.  I can't bring myself to sweep a half a dozen times a day.  So it often looks just like this. 

There is freedom in sharing those parts of our lives that we often try to keep hidden.  And it creates bonds with people around us because they can then feel comfortable letting us see their secret selves as well.  Relationships are meant to grow and if we do not let our friends see us for who we really are (messiness and all) then our friendships will become stagnant.  So, break out of your shell and have a friend over without cleaning the house first.  Don't be afraid to serve peanut butter and jelly (on tortillas because you're out of bread)... let them in and they'll love you more for it!

 Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.


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Kristin said...

Yes! I love how you show two different pictures of the same moment! I'm embracing imperfection this year and it sounds like you are too.