Monday, April 18, 2005

Another Good Checkup

I had my 26 week doctor's appointment today. Good report! Only 1 1/2 lbs gained since last month(for a total of 12 lbs to date), I'm measuring where I should, and everything else is looking good too. Very pleased to hear that! At this stage the baby is probably almost 2 lbs and about 13in long. It is aware of light and darkness, and can hear sounds both from inside and outside my body. The next checkup (in two weeks) they're gonna check my sugars again and run a few other routine tests/exams. My appointments will be every two weeks now instead of once a month... then the last month or so it will be every week. So far so good. I'm feeling pretty good, enjoying the warmer weather we've been having lately. The baby must like it too - I've been feeling lots of movement. We would appreciate prayers for the rest of the pregnancy and the birth to go well also. We will soon be starting childbirth classes at the hospital and working with our doula on natural childbirth techniques.

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