Monday, May 02, 2005

28 weeks down - 12 to go!

I had my 28 week checkup today. Another thumbs up from my CNM. All is well, I'm on track with everything. At this stage the baby should be somewhere around 15 inches long and 3 pounds. I feel movement often now and its getting stronger by the day. Isaac is able to feel now, its been really special being able to share it together. We're both getting pretty excited. Its weird how we already feel so much love for this little person we've never seen or met, but the love is there, there is no doubt about that. We can't wait to be able to hold and hug and kiss and just look at this new life thats growing inside of me.
Side Note:
For anyone who knows my sister Shannon.... she and her longtime boyfriend Eric are officially engaged! He proposed (with a ring and everything) on May 1st and they are planning on getting married on August 27th. Yeah!

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