Monday, May 16, 2005

30 Week Checkup

Praise the Lord! My sugars are normal! Yeah! I'm still gonna watch what I eat but I am well below the danger zone now. I'm starting to feel weighed down... and looking it too. At 30 weeks along we could have a baby here in as soon as two months (8weeks)! But ya never know, this kid could decide to be late, we'll have to wait and see. Isaac and I are both cracking down on reading books on childbirth and whatnot. At times all this information can be a bit overwhelming. But I really think I'll have a good support system, between Isaac and our doula. It'll be hard but well worth it when we get to hold our beautiful baby in our arms!

We got to enjoy a nice weekend at the lake. The weather was nice enough for us to have a picnic on the boat Friday afternoon but was chilly and rainy the rest of the weekend, so we just relaxed and beat Mom and Dad in cards... alot. Its nice to be able to get away from everything for awhile and just chill. We got back into town just in time for our doctor's appointment today, we couldn't bring ourselves to leave yesterday.

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