Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Accidents Happen

Sunday Isaac went to Louisville to a Phil Keaggy concert and I was having a girls’ night. Nate was supposed to spend the night at the grandparents' but she called around 9pm and he had fallen on (not off) the couch and hurt his arm. We went to Clarian West ER and were taken care of very well. Nate had x-rays and it was clear that he had fractured both bones in his left arm a little above the wrist. They wrapped him up with a fiberglass splint and sling and we were told to follow up with an orthopedic doctor the next day to get a cast that'll be on for a few weeks. By the time we got home from the hospital around 1am he was not acting like the same boy who came in all sad and injured earlier that night. He was back to bouncing off the walls as usual. The next day he hardly complained about pain at all - just about the sling being "stuck" – it was cramping his style. We saw the orthopedic doctor on Tuesday. Isaac went back with Nate to get more xrays and they came back with an xray of Nate’s toy cars which he thought was pretty cool. Then the Dr. Kendall reset the bone (Nate did not like that part!) and put a plaster splint on it - he'll probably get a hard cast later. Nate's been such a trooper. Our appointment was right during naptime so as soon as we got on the road to come home Nate fell fast asleep. All things considered none of this has really slowed him down much; he's still been bouncing all over the place. It is wearing mommy out though! We're very thankful that he didn't need surgery or anything. We'd appreciate prayer that he doesn't re-injure his arm during this critical healing time.

As mothers we want so badly for nothing bad to happen to our kids, right? I think the only thing worse than something happening to our child is having it happen when we're not with them. There was a whole lot of guilt going on Sunday night. Isaac felt guilty because he was in Louisville and couldn't be there until we were being discharged from the hospital. I felt guilty because the reason he wasn't at home with me was because I had been having girls' night (and I was bummed to be missing that girls night). My mom felt bad for leaving Nate with Hannah. Hannah felt bad for leaving Kyle and Nate alone for a few minutes. And Kyle felt bad because he was the one with Nate when it happened. We were all innocent of any actual guilt. Nate is a rambunctious two year old and while having a seemingly normal jump on the couch, he fell just right and hurt his arm. It could have happened while he was under anyone's care. Just last week he fell off a play ground ladder and bounced back within a couple of minutes later without hardly a scratch on him. Who would have thought that he would end up with a broken bone from jumping on the couch (and not falling off of it!)? I saw a book once and the title was "Motherhood, the guilt that keeps on giving" (or something to that effect). Its so true. I know I blame myself for far more things than I'm actually responsible for. But while motherhood is full of responsibility, frustration, anxiety, work, worry... its also full of joy, fulfillment, rewards, love, cuddles, bonding... I say (or maybe I heard it somewhere) marriage and motherhood both are the hardest jobs and the most rewarding. Sometimes its hard to see all the great stuff through all the hard stuff, but it doesn't mean its not there.


Anonymous said...

Poor little guy!

Sniz said...

yes, the end of your post struck a chord with me. It's really hard to see the great stuff sometimes, but blogging about those things really helps me appreciate them! I hope Nate is OK!!!

JAN said...

Poor baby! We have yet to experience a broken bone at our house. (Wonder of wonders!)
I just posted a meme I'd love for you to do. Just check out my blog and it'll explain everything.
Thanks Lawana!