Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

We went to the lake for Labor Day weekend. It got off to a lousy start. We got up there late on Thursday evening and when we put Nate straight to bed he was a little warm but we didn’t really think anything of it. I awoke at 5am to hear Josiah stirring and I was preparing myself to get up to nurse him. I could hear Nate in the other room, he was having a raspy, kind of gurgled breathing and I hurried in to check on him, and found that he was having another febrile seizure. Isaac got up and we held Nate’s hands through the seizure which probably lasted less than a minute. He was burning up. We couldn’t find a thermometer but we gave him some Tylenol. He was very lethargic while recovering from the seizure, but slowly normalized and said he wanted a “nap”. His little body was so tired. We eventually went back to bed but I don’t think I actually went back to sleep. The next day we continued to give him Tylenol at regular intervals but he continued to feel feverish. Throughout the morning he would “start” occasionally, and every time I thought it was another seizure. Around 1:30pm he was sitting on my lap and he did have another one. I laid him on the floor and again we talked him through it. It wasn’t until this time that we had Dane go to the store and got a thermometer. When we took his temp after he recovered it was 104degrees. We called Dr. Bain and he recommended that we take Nate to the ER. Not because of the seizures necessarily, but because of how high his fever was. Dane came with us to the ER in Goshen and he watched Josiah(which was so helpful) so both Isaac and I could be with Nate. He napped off and on throughout the couple of hours that we spent in the hospital. They did a blood test and sent some blood off for a blood culture, but we were all confidant that it was again a fever related issue. The doctor said that Nate must have a low fever threshold. He said probably on top of teething (we can see a couple of teeth about to come in) he might have something viral (he’s had a bit of a cough). He had us continue a Tylenol/Ibprophen regimen for the next 24 hours or so to keep the fever under control. They say that the most significant effect of these seizures is "Parental Anxiety" - and boy are they right! Obviously it was stressful and scary, but we’re thankful for the prayers of our church body and that he is alright and by that same evening he was acting like his normal self again. Thankfully the rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful. We enjoyed the time we got to spend with our family and friends.

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