Saturday, January 12, 2008

Business of Being Born - Part II

Sniz's comment was so right on. There are alot of parallels to the birth and school debates. I really think they are both such a personal thing and so much weighs on what is available to you where you are at also. Some doctors and hospitals are better than others and some teachers and schools are better than others. You have to do what you feel is best for you and your family whatever that may be. That is why I try to emphasize women educating themselves about labor/birth etc rather than just getting on my soap box about natural and home births. I get so frustrated at our society and media who push "tolerance" and acceptance (homosexuality, religion, etc) but they themselves do not practice tolerance when it comes to certain subjects: Christianity, homeschooling, homebirth, etc. Why should we be told by anyone what is right for us? I don't think its right for women who are seeking a natural birth in a hospital to look to their doctor for support and instead receive unwanted interventions. Or for a family who has chosen to homeschool to be accused of truancy. What happened to freedom of choice? Does that only apply to certain areas and not others?


Sniz said...

That's what I was trying to say, Wani. You nailed it. I just wish people would educate themselves about ALL the choices out there instead of just doing something mindlessly because everyone else is. That's what bothers me the most.

Beth said...

Hi! I just found you blog - but wanted to comment on this post especially!

When we got pregnant with our first child - we wanted to attempt a natural, unmedicated child birth (I wasn't personally for homebirths). We decided to take the Bradley Method classes - which are a 12-week series of classes that educate and prepare you for a natural, unmedicated birth! We really enjoyed the classes and had the BEST, can I say BEST, instructors. They had 4 children of their own and all were born via natural, unmedicated Bradley births.

I was skeptical that I (Miss No Tolerance for a Paper Cut) could actually do it without the drugs - but I really wanted to! Well - the day came and we did it! We labored at home and arrived at the hospital with only 30 minutes to spare before Bella was born. BUT - the OB/GYN practice I was with for the majority of my pregnancy was not at all supportive of my wishes and at 30 weeks, we switched practices to one that was totally supportive! When I got pregnant with our second child - my worry was not making it to the hospital. Well - that fear came true and I delivered Brooklyn on our bedroom floor while sitting/laying on a towel!

Having had a homebirth - albeit unplanned - I would not be opposed to another. However, we now live in a state where homebirths are ILLEGEAL as is midwifery. I would want a midwife there for the birth - just makes me feel better. So we will be travelling to a hospital for the next one, if we so decide to continue procreating. But it bothers me that I cannot make this decision for myself and I worry that I won't be able to find a practice this supportive of our wishes when it comes to OUR child's birth!

Sorry to rant - but I, like you, feel very strongly about being able to make decisions that I feel are in the best interest of MY family!