Monday, January 07, 2008

Now this is ART! HA!

I will admit that I am, at times, somewhat a little bit of a dork/nerd/whatever. This is me proudly showing off the ever so stylish apron that I so "skillfully" made with my new sewing machine that I got for Christmas. I know its not anything spectacular, but just the fact that I started and finished it is a big deal for me. I am really good at starting projects..... and not so good at finishing them. Anyway, there you go. I'm planning on making pajama pants with a few of my girlfriends from college in a few weeks - I'll try to post our finished products when we're done.
Oh, by the way, my friend's three year old made my day yesterday. After my friend got off of the phone with me her little boy asked who she'd been talking to. She said "It was Wani." Cute little three year old says "Oh". His mommy says "You remember Wani" and he replies "yeah, she's kind of beautiful". Aaawww!! How cute is that?!? I knew I liked that kid. ;) My friend knew I'd appreciate it so she called me just to relay the story. I hope I got it right.... she's much better at telling funny stories than I am. I should get her to write a blog - she'd have a huge following.


Big Doofus said...

Looks like you did a fine job. Baylee is interested in sewing lately. She wants to make designer dresses for Izzi to wear as she has no desire to wear a dress or skirt on her own.

C. Leinbach said...

I love it! It looks great! I can't wait to see you in two weeks. I miss you all.

Sniz said...

I want to make pajama pants! Can I come?

Toni said...

Great job on the finish. And the pj party sounds like fun too. Truth be told, I'm one of those "started it but failed to finish it" folks. It's all in line with my long history of procrastinating.

Wani said...

I had no idea the pj pants idea would be such a hit! But my college girls and I don't get together all that often so it'll probably be a closed party. Sorry! But Sniz.... we could always have a pj pants craft night sometime!