Friday, November 14, 2008

Cheap Eyewear!

I'm always looking for a good deal, and am all about sharing the wealth when it comes to saving money. Especially when it comes to essentials! Some of us require glasses, whether we have to wear them all the time or just for reading... and whether you have insurance or not it can get pretty expensive to buy new frames and lens every year or so!!
What if you get decent glasses for cheaper?

I found this website that has great deals on complete prescription glasses: Zenni Optical. They offer lots of options like: tinted sunglass lens, bifocal lens, progressive lens, and more. They have a wide selection of frame styles to choose from and their prices are really low. I browsed the selection online myself and was surprised that the cute and trendy styles available.

Apparently Zenni Optical cut out the middle man so they could keep costs down and that is how they are able to offer such low prices. An article in the Chicago Tribune encouraged readers to not be afraid to find and purchase such inexpensive eyewear. The article even quoted a doctor who said that there is no medical reason why someone could or should not wear inexpensive glasses and frames.

So… there is no reason why we can’t spend less money when buying glasses for ourselves, or our kids. We just need to take the time to shop around to places that offer more inexpensive eyewear like Zenni Optical does.

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Big Doofus said...

As long as you all go to the Costco on the Northwest side of Indiana to see Dr. Johnny Burns for your eye exam--it's all good with me.

(I'm just "bringin' it" for my brutha.)