Wednesday, November 05, 2008

WFMW - shameless plug

I've got another gift idea for you... but this time its for a little older of a crowd. Tweens are a hard age group to buy for. They're tastes are more expensive than younger kids and its more and more difficult to find them gifts that are not too mature for them. Journey To The Homeland is a book that was written by a teen (my sister!) just for tweens and published via Tweener Time Ministries - a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Indiana, exists for the purpose of promoting literacy among tweeners.

Journey to the Homeland is the story of Keegan, a young orphan who lives in a medieval land. He is just like any other 11-year old boy-- except for his unique way with animals. For as long as he can remember, Keegan has been able to talk to them. His worst fear is that this gift will be discovered. He keeps his best friend, a jaguar named Adrian , hidden so no one will know about his gift.

When two mysterious strangers appear in his village looking for a child who can communicate with animals, there is a grave misunderstanding. Nora, the most quarrelsome girl in town, is mistakenly named the gifted child. She is kidnapped from her home due to a confusion Keegan could have prevented. Keegan is faced with an important decision: should he risk everything and try to save the girl, or quietly slip away?

With the help of his jaguar friend, he grudgingly sets out to save Nora despite their differences. His efforts to rescue her are complicated by a very late start, a couple of dangerous kidnappers, and a river or two. He finds himself caught between the politics of two countries in an adventure that will change his and Nora's lives forever.

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Wow - looks like a great story!