Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Custom Photo Cards with Style!

This is the time of year folks... family pictures and sending out Christmas cards and letters to stay in touch with friends and family. One thing that has gotten popular of late (which I love) is custom photo Christmas cards! Lots of places are beginning to offer them for all occasions and one such place that I have found is StudioStyle.com.
I've browsed their website and found some really awesome layouts and designs. I was unexpectedly pleased with the creative style that I saw in alot of the designs, and the many different options they offer: trifold, flat, fold-over and calendar cards.
So, if you are looking for something a little more personal than a boxed card you should look into getting some custom photo cards!


bakerhj said...

That website looks really neat!! I will have to check it out! Oh and Leah said you guys are doing craft night this Friday? I am so there!! I will have to tell you the dialated pupils story then!! :)

Betty Beguiles said...

Thanks for the tip! Those are cute! I was just thinking (with a bit of dread) that it was about that time of year again. Picking out the card will be the fun part. Getting a good picture of my four together? Not so much. ;)