Friday, July 24, 2009

Studio Go!

Last week was our church's Vacation Bible School. This year was a game show theme. We were thankful to have had enough volunteers that I was able to be the designated photographer and got to wander around and take photos of all the VBS goings on.
What a fun time of learning about God and His plan for us. The kids heard a different bible story and were given a mission: Go Lead, Go Risk, Go Obey, Go Tell, and Go Serve. Its great to simplify and teach kids about God in such a tangible way. What a blessing to be a part of such an important ministry.
Both my boys enjoyed the week. Nate dragged his feet a little while we were getting ready to leave each day but had a blast while we were there. He still sings a few of the songs they learned and keeps repeating the "I say "Studio" you say "Go"" thing that they did all week. And Joe... he LOVED the worship time! He would get bouncing and clapping. It was the highlight of his day. It was pretty cute!
Thanks to all those who made it possible!


Anonymous said...

We did studio go too! And now that song will be in my head....(go, go, go studio go go go go go go go go!) :)


Mical said...

YEESSS! I say Studio ... you say go! Studio ... GO! Studio ... GO! That is so awesome that folks still have the chant in their heads. I was so proud of that chant and was so glad everyone loved it. That is sooooo awesome! It makes my day!!!! :D