Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vehicle Upgrade

For the last several years I have been driving a Chevy Cavalier. I have loved it. Frankly it was the nicest car I'd ever driven. Before that I had been driving a beat up old station wagon that I bought in high school that was being held together by the 30+ bumper stickers plastered on the back! So, the Cavalier has been good to us. My husband bought it shortly before we got together and its been a good car. But since we had Joe its just felt more and more cramped. It has bucket seats in the front so we could only fit five people in it and that was a squeeze because of the boys' car seats in the back.
We had been talking about getting a minivan for awhile but we both wanted to be able to pay cash for one instead of financing something. So we were taking our time saving up and expected it to be awhile longer before we reached the designated amount ($6000-$8000) we thought we would need to get what we wanted in a van.
Well a few weeks ago some friends of ours sent an email out our church saying they were getting rid of their Grand Caravan. It had nearly all the things we were looking for in a van. The miles were a little higher than what we were originally but the price was nearly a quarter what we were planning on. We took a couple days to test drive it but it didn't take us long to decide this was just what we were looking for.
Its been a few weeks now and the boys and I are very happy with it. There is so much more room for us to move around and to put our belongings. Whoever sits in the passenger seat doesn't have to hold the diaper bag anymore! I can actually take friends and my siblings with us when we go places now! I am thankful that we waited and were able to take advantage of this blessing. This is so much more family friendly and we could not be happier with it!

*these are not photos of our actual vehicles


Sniz said...

Welcome to the ranks of mini-van drivers, Wani! It DOES provide a growing family with a lot of freedom. But where's the picture of the real van with you sitting on a rock taking a picture?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Sniz, where is the pic of the real thing?? are the photo queen! Plus, it's so cute and red!