Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life goes on...

We're trying to settle into something of a "normal" pattern. No more lovely meals from ladies at church, no more family and friends asking to come by and meet Christine. Now its just us, going about our daily life. The kiddos keep me pretty busy and they seem to be all I have time for most days. Though this summer is a busy time for other reasons as well. My husband's work is changing offices which has added stress for him and therefore us as well, there are a couple weddings that we are a part of, my sister is nearing the end of her pregnancy and we've had her shower and maternity pictures... all this and we've been having one of the hottest summers ever!!
I've had some down days lately. I can hardly keep up with Nate's energy level, he is on the go all the time. I worry about Joe and his progress and his future. I am watching Christine like a hawk for signs of delays, wondering if she'll follow in Joe's footsteps or Nate's. Its too early to tell but as far as we can see we have no real reason to believe that she will have any developmental problems. But only God knows what any of futures will look like. I pray for peace about the whole thing. I need to let tomorrow worry about itself but its hard to not think about the future.

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Forgetfulone said...

Cute photo! And I bet you're doing a great job. You seem like such a good mom!