Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life with three...

Christine is growing like crazy. At three weeks old she was already 10lbs 9oz! That is about two pounds gained already! So, clearly she is eating well. I have been calling her my "chunky monkey" but I think I'm going to try to switch to "chubby bunny" because it sounds slightly more feminine. ;-) She is still sleeping great at night but the days are hit or miss. Some days she'll nap well and others she wants to be held all day. She was a tag-along on her first girls night out over the weekend, which included her first chick flick! ;-)

Joe is making good progress. Before school let out for the summer this past week, his teacher and PT have reported him doing some good walking in the gait trainer (a therapeutic walker)at school. He is moving around alot on the floor at home doing a "bunny hop". Joe is very verbal at times and is even using a couple of signs unprompted. I have mixed feelings about him not having developmental preschool over the summer. Its going to be nice to have a break from all the dropping off and picking up... but I certainly do not want him to miss out on all the stimulation he gets at school. We will be meeting with his physical therapist a few times and doing therapy on our own to keep him working on his walking and encourage him to continue the progress that he has been making. I will say that his mood has improved since school let out and he is back to napping consistently. Praise God! ;-)

Nate is full of energy. He is a busy body and is constantly active physically and mentally. He is so smart. We have been working on reading here and there. Nate has an incredible memory and often spouts random things that he has read or heard on tv. The other day he told me I needed to go to "w-w-w-dot-discovery-dot-com-slash-mythbusters". He inquires about little things and big things to the point that I sometimes run out of answers for him! Or maybe I just run out of patience. I'm not sure. ;-) Nate still dotes on Christine like no other. He keeps reminding her that he is here to protect her. He's such a sweet big brother.

It has been a little overwhelming at times - trying to juggle all three kids on my own. The housework has fallen behind... but I've been able to catch up on the laundry. Thankfully we're not overly scheduled right now so we have the freedom to take our time and not have to worry about getting the hang of this new balancing act right away. I have a growing to-do-list looming over me, but I'm trying to be comfortable taking it a bit at a time and not kicking myself because its not getting done as fast as I'd like.

All that being said... I think I need a nap!! ;-)

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Forgetfulone said...

She sure is growing! They are all three beautiful children. I know they keep you busy, but they also make life a lot sweeter.