Monday, July 12, 2010

Super Heroes Unite!!

Before we even had a child's birthday to celebrate Isaac and I decided that there would be certain milestone birthdays that we would do "friends" parties and the rest of the time we would keep things simple with a family only celebration. Nate's fifth birthday was last week and it was the first "milestone" birthday that we have gotten to celebrate with friends.

We went with a superhero theme and while it wasn't exactly a designer birthday party, I think things came together well in the end. I got masks from Oriental Trading Company, and found instructions online to make capes from old t-shirts so the kids who did not come dressed up could create their own costume. My parents were great enough to host at their farm so we were able to set up their inflatable obstacle course and they surprised us with pony rides.I had intended on trying out a fondant recipe passed on to me by a friend but was feeling the pressure at the last minute and went with something a little less intimidating to me. So when I found instructions on how to do a Superman cake with M&Ms I felt a little more confident in being able to do that well. We all had a good time. Good food, good friends, what more could we want? ;-) Nate loved spending the evening playing with his friends... and the presents didn't hurt either.
What a great way to celebrate our firstborn's fifth birthday!! Love you Nate!

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