Saturday, July 17, 2010

A day in the life...

Here is a typical day:
I get up and get breakfast ready for Nate, Joe usually sleeps in a little while then joins us. After I feed the boys, its usually time to feed Christine. We clean up from breakfast and have a little while to play. Laundry is started.
If we have errands to run this is usually the time that we do them. If we are at home this is when I work on getting Isaac up for work. His sleeping troubles have been a source of strain again. By the time we get Isaac awake its about time for lunch and I feed Christine again.
Shortly after lunch Joe lays down for a nap (thankfully he still sleeps a couple hours). Sometimes Nate and I play/read/watch kids tv(or HGTV ;-) for awhile. Christine does usually nap for awhile around this time, though she's inconsistent. Some days she'll nap for an hour at a time. Other days I can only get her to sleep for 15min at a time.
I rotate the laundry and then try to get some housework done during naptime but often get interrupted by one or more of my children, and occasionally I get distracted by facebook. ;-) At least I'm honest! A mommy needs a good distraction sometimes!
Late afternoon is snacktime for Nate and Joe gets up shortly after that and has his snack too. Christine nurses again. Then its time to start cooking dinner. Often this time is a strain because its common for both Joe and Christine to be needy around now. So while I'm trying to cook I have sometimes two screamers making their voices heard. Dinner often consists of Nate complaining incessantly about having to eat his vegetables. Isaac is only home for dinner about every other day. The other nights I often have my sis and friend over for company.
By the time dinner is over its time for Nate to help straighten up the toys downstairs and then the boys are taken upstairs to get baths. Then its on to bedtime stories and prayers and the boys get tucked in around 8:15pm-ish. And of course... Christine nurses again. ;-)
Christine is a good sleeper, thankfully. She had been going to bed kind of late, usually 11pm-ish. Though she's been changing things up lately. We've noticed a pattern of her getting fussy and ending up going to bed between 8p-9pm over the last week or so. I'm thankful that she usually only gets me up only about 1-2 times a night.
After all the kiddos are in bed is when I attempt to undo (or at least minimize) the chaos that accumulated during the day. I fold the laundry while watching one of the many shows that I'm addicted to. Currently I'm into: Drop Dead Diva, Next Food Network Star and White Collar. Though I'm missing my usual network shows that are all on summer hiatus. We all have our vices. ;-)

I am finding that while the days seem to go by so slowly, the years are passing by quickly. I cannot believe that Nate is five years old now! He's such a character: both smart and funny. And Joe seems so big since Christine was born. Aw, Christine... she is a bright light in my life. Her smiles and coos melt my heart. I am blessed to be their mother. God is teaching me so much through them. I am trying to appreciate the phase of life we are in right now because I know it will be gone before I know it.

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