Saturday, July 30, 2011

mom had a bad day... what a day mom had...

So... I have my share of challenging days but the other day was a doozy. On top of having my own three kiddos I was babysitting my one year old nephew. He isn't away from his mommy very often and doesn't nap well anywhere but home. But that wasn't the bad part.
Joe pooped out the side of his diaper earlier today while in his walker so he ground it into the carpet real good... I handled that pretty well but then during his "nap"time he emptied all the drawers in their dresser, took off his pants, took off his diaper, peed & pooped all over his room, and smeared said poop all over himself...
Needless to say I was not a very happy mama at that point. I plopped a poop cover Joe into the bathtub. Christine had just woke up from her nap so I got her up. My overly tired nephew was screaming so I put him in Christine's crib - mainly just to keep him out of trouble but he ended up crying himself to sleep.
I let Joe play in the bath while I sat on the floor in the bathroom, nursing Christine and having a good cry.
Sometimes motherhood is just overwhelming. Its daunting, looking at a poop smeared all over a child and a room. What do you do on those days? Do you cry sometimes like me? This time, while I was sitting there on the floor nursing and crying I chose to pray. Sometimes its all you can do. And it truly helped. It didn't take away the frustration of the situation but I do think it calmed me down enough to be able to handle it without completely freaking out.
Maybe its just me, but there are times when I have to remind myself that God cares. He does. God cares about the big things and the little things just the same. And even when I don't feel like He's close He is right there waiting for me to reach out to receive the comfort He has to offer. I'm glad that I chose to reach out to Him on this day. He blessed me with a certain amount of peace and calm about the situation. He also blessed me by allowing my hubby to come home 15min early to help me finish up the mess. And He blessed me by allowing me time to go out with a dear friend for some girl time. What was a very difficult day ended rather nicely. Thank you God. :-)

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