Wednesday, July 20, 2011


At the beginning of the summer we stumbled upon a realty listing for a house that we fell in love with. It was everything that we wanted. The one real downside was that it was a bank owned short sale and we could not do a contingent sale (making an offer based on the contingency that we have to sell our home before we finalize the sale).
Rather quickly we listed our own house in hopes that we could sell in time to buy said "dream" home. We worked really hard decluttering and "staged" the house. While we had a couple showings right off the bat, and the feedback has been positive we have not had any serious interest or bids.
It can be stressful having your home on the market. We have been struggling to keep the house in open house condition in case the realtor calls for a showing at any moment. A lot of our belongings were boxed up and put in storage during the de-cluttering.
We are exploring our options as far as other homes listed and there are a couple that we are interested in looking at. We're are currently prayerfully considering if we should keep our home on the market, lower the price or take it off the market completely. As always I'm sure in time God will show us what we should do now.

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